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Handle Bar Riser options 1992 ZX-11

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I am new to the forum. However, I have owned my ZX-11 for over 10 Years. Because of age, I need a workable solution to raise my handle bars to a comfortable height, without breaking the bank any ideas!!

Thanks Denis
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There's not much choice out there for the ZX-11 but I have these on mine and there great. Try looking on Fle-bay.
Click the link below.

ZX-11 all
Appreciate the response. I called Helibar directly, and they gave me the riser handle bar p/n for the 92 ZX-11....they have not manufactured them since 2008. So now I am searching for these elusive parts. Anyone who may have a lead, I would greatly appreciate it. (P/N: HB 9909


Did you not try Genmar??
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