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Ordered a carbon hugger 5 weeks ago. 19 (yes, not a missprint-19) emails, only 1 returned. The one returned email was over a month ago, which stated I would HAVE it within a month. I have called twice, and spoke with STEVE HARRIS, the owner, who told me it would ship on the 16th of April and my C Card would then be charged. As of this morning, still never charged my card, so I called and spoke to the same buttmunch who told me he never said it would ship on the 16th....just be DONE on the 16th, and ship the next day, mind you....that would have been yesterday.... he was hoping that it came out OK and would immediately email me w/ a tracking #....guess who never emailed me....lol. I told him I wanted to put the part on my bike, not under my friggin Christmas tree, but it did not seem to help, so.....unless you like the runaround and a kick in the nads........steer clear of WWW.HARRISPERFORMANCE.COM

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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