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Has anyone heard of the company ART Exhaust systems? They're based out of England but that's all I know about them. I want to get rid of the wimpy stock pipe as soon as possible. I had a Two Brothers slip-on on my past bike and was happy with it but I want a very loud pipe this time. I was thinking about going with a D&D. Has anyone tried this on a 12-R. As far as looks go, Micron makes this green anadized pipe but it's only available in the full system. I was at Flat Out here in Indianapolis and they showed me this ART pipe which is green and available in the slip-on. Did I say I want a very loud pipe? I don't want to really go full system because personally I will never see the big horsepower gain because I don't race. I can afford the full system but I really just want a loud pipe that looks good. Can somebody help me out here? Is Micron a loud pipe? That ART company can be found at www.artcarbon.com

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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