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Hello guys i'm Costa Rica, i have a problem with my Z750, sometimes when the bike is cold and i turn it on it goes normally but after travelling like a mile it dies if i don't accelerate it, if i use the choke the bike can iddle but at very low rpm, if i don't use the choke the bike dies, the weird stuff about this is that if i rev the bike to it's redline the problem fixes and the bike idles normally, a couple days ago i travelled a long trip, the bike was at normal temperature 80 celsius, but it started raining a lot so the temperature dropped to 55-60 celsius and the problem happened again, if i don't accelerate the bike dies, obviuslly i didn't choke the bike because i was driving, then i redlined again and it fixed, i don't know the cause of the problem so i hope you guys can help me.

Recently i went to the mechanic and cleaned the injectors and fuel pump, he told me that the spark plugs had good color on it, those are iridium ones actually.
The air filter is kinda old but i really don't know if that can be the problem, i live in Costa Rica so if i order an air filter it may take like 3 weeks.
The bike has an Akrapovic exhaust and it stutters from 2.5-3.5k RPM, i really don't know if the lack of backpressure is the reason of it, after that RPMs the bike has normal power, i guy from this forum said that this bike (Z750) stutters with aftermarket exhausts.

So a summary is that sometimes the bike dies if i don't accelerate it, only when the bike is cold or the rains cools the engine, but if i accelerate it hard to redline the problem solves, what do you think? I will really appreciate your help!
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