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OK.... any one help here, think im gonna get the hindle stainless system but..... has anyone got one of these fitted to their 12r.
I wanted a Muzzy and i had a Yoshi system fitted to my 'Busa,
never heard of hindle but they are cheap here in the UK.
Advice please..........


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I have the Hindle 4-2-1 stainless with oval Ti stealth can. It is quiet(ish) below 5,000 RPM but howls very nicely above that. Top quality and easy to fit. (except for the dismantliing to gain access to remove old pipe and Kleen air system).
I have fitted several Hindle's to various bikes with no problems then or now. The 4-1 gives a good top end but it is mainly a drag pipe and only (as far as I know) comes in round end cans. The 4-2-1 gives good all round power, especially the mid range.
Speak to the guys at PDQ (they are the importers)and they can give you the low down, I know that they recently got the Stepped header 4-1 systems delivered. (I ordered one but gave up waiting! no patience!)
Over to you.

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