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How Far Did You Slide?

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I have gone down at 60 or 65 miles an hour 3 times now. Once on gravel and twice on blacktop. I measured the distance of the slide each time and weather blacktop or gravel came up with 300 to 350 feet. Just wondering how far others have slide at a given speed?
Does anybody know of a chart or some mathmatical equasion to take speed and determine your slide distance?
Like 30mph = 30 foot slide
60 mph = 275-325 feet
90 mph = ?
120 mph = ?
150 mph = ?
180 mph = ?
210 mph =?

Can sombody help me fill in the blanks
I thought this might help us all keep our speed in perspective.
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~70mph...... a little less than 300 ft.
May 1995, turn 1 at Race City Speedway Amatuer Superbike racce at the end of a one kilometre straight, low sided at about 155 mph(approx) and knocked myself out. That was a good thing as I broke my left collar bone in two places, three broken ribs on the left side, too many abrasions to count and worst of all, destroyed my leathers, boots gloves and helmet. Distance, well I have no idea but at that speed you know it's gonna hurt. :cry: :cry: :cry:
I know that when I hit the curb at 40-50mph and went over the handlebars
I slid for what seemed forever ( 2-3miles ) no but really I was in wet grass and didn't stop till I hit the brick wall..... well you know the rest...


well, I slid saturday

racing a busa:(

I'm sure you all will be upset hearing that!

I was right behind him just about to take him
and wam o' my rear tire broke loose and there I went
lucky for I sild in the grass field and the turn

any I did about 500 damage to my red 2002 zx12
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Haven't slid on the bike.....yet, but I did cross my ski tips once at about 25mph and rolled for about 800 feet. It was a steep-ass hill :) :p

I cant realy quantify the distance on a 50 MPH slide. The trees and bushes slowed it down quite a bit. :lol: :lol: but where the skid started to where picked the bike up was about 40 Ft
<--------120 mph wheelie. Slid 394 ft down the asphault. wearing T'shirt and cargo pants. see http://hometown.aol.com/tainui302/tainuinyc2.html for pics. I am not bragging, but I know what it feels like and I wouldn't wish that on that lying cheating bitch I just kicked to the curb. (sorry for the vent)... :wink:

Always remember one thing......wear your gear!!!!!
usedtobeTainui - F*ckin' Ouch!!! :shock:

I always have hated that couple of seconds before anything hurts, and your mind is telling your body "This is really gonna hurt".

That brief moment is usually followed by the quick flashing of asphalt / sky / asphalt / sky / asphalt / etc. THAT SUX!
That looked painful :shock: Hang in there Tainui, woman are a dime a dozen, just start hunting the younger ones.
Tainui, all I can say is OUCH!!!!! :( :( :( I was lucky I was wearing full gear, damn you looked sore, how long did it take to heal?
:cry: I went down doing about 60 mph. Sherriff's department said I slid 300 feet...Bike slid 500 feet. The guy I was riding with said he didn't think the bike was ever going to stop sliding......lol...
Thanks guy - accident was over two years ago. 2 months for the burns to be totally healed and about 6 months before I was walking without crutches. No sweat. LOL

Go 200 -- funny you are dead on....front tire cxame down...heavy tank slap began...and I was way up in the air...looking at the headlight.....I thought, " Ok, so this is what it feels like to wreck a bike"...lol I never thought I would stop.

Long time ago and I always wear my gear now - and the 4th gear wheelies are nice to look at...but you won't see me doing them anymore.
I got cut off at about 70-75 by a van trying to enter the freeway....I slid about 300 ft..concrete,grass,concrete,grass.... with shorts, t-shirt and running shoes. I have gear now :shock: :shock:
I think I slid about 50ft or so after I tagged the deer at about 45 mph , hard to say for sure though. I think I would have slid a little farther if the pavement didn't have such a rough texture.

Bambi can kiss my ass! :lol:
you gots balls Tainui.

after all the pain and healing you Still went out and bought a BIGGER bike

:lol: :lol:
DenverYZF said:
I think I would have slid a little farther if the pavement didn't have such a rough texture.
:shock: :shock: Oh,man, that just sounds WRONG!!

BTW - I agree w/ the Bambi KMA... They're everywhere!! :shock:
AFTER hitting a guard rail @ about 50 mph and bouncing off it,slid about 75 ft and the bike another 75-100 feet.. no broken bones just battered and bruised up..later..reddawg :oops:
60 mph.

50 or so feet slide.

Cactus patch stopped me. It was not fun. Took 2 hours for gixxedu's old lady to pull the cactus needles out of my ass, arms, neck and left thigh.

Was NOT an enjoyable experience. :shock:

Why did you post this? Are you a masochist???? :cry:
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