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This is how to upgrade the factory fuel pump on the 00 and 01. this is for people that will be running significantly more power than a factory pump will support. bolt on mods do not require an upgraded pump. 9 times out of 10 when theres a fuel delivery issue, its not actually the pump, but rather a plugged filter. to clean this, I disconnect the line from the top of the pump, and back flush the filter with brake clean and compressed air. you will usually get lots of brown gunk out on a bike this old. if you replace any hoses while in here, they must be SUBMERSIBLE fuel line. this means it must Meet SAE 30R10 specifications. if it doesnt, it will not last inside a fuel tank, and will flake and fall apart. now thats out of the way....

Step 1. remove everything from the tank plate!

Step 2. cut the metal pump base off so that it looks like this.

After cutting, file/sand all sharp edges!!!

Step 3. Mount your fuel pump (with sock aimed at the fuel outlet pipe) with a hose clamp to the metal assembly. This installation is using a Walbro GSS340 with its regular install kit. for systems that will be running under 400 hp, a GSS 242 is a decent choice and less amp draw than the 340, they mount the exact same way.

Step 4. this is on its own so it doesnt get missed. throw any regular hose clamps in the garbage that may have came with your fuel pump kit. the kind with cut outs for the worm gear. use only smooth band efi clamps! you dont want to "cheese grater" your fuel lines. factory pinch clamps will work fine and not damage the line. I generally just reuse the factory clamps.

Step 5. Reconnect the fuel filter and lines, put the low fuel level gauge/sensor back in.

Step 6. cut wires to length and crimp some eyes on the ends. fairly straight forward where they go, pos same as oem, neg to any screw in the metal assembly.


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