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I have changed the site around a little to go with rotating banners in an attempt to increase advertising coverage and reduce clutter. It should be a win-win for everyone.

Because the banners will be rotating you can always go directly to the banners on the ZX-12R.org Supporter link that should be on every main page and on the Forums.


Some supporters have offer giveaway products in exchange for advertising, some pay (need more of those), and some offer hosting discounts/support. Some were brave enough to start out with ZX-12R.org in the beginning and have been given permanent supporter classification based on that support regardless of their ability to offer payment.

I hope this new system works for people, let me know what you think. Has it helped clean things up, do you see more advertisers? etc.


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Hey...thats cool Easy. Very helpful indeed. I think it will make it easier to check out the sponsors etc...I think some of us just never pay attention to the supporters and the cause.

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