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i joined this forum for a simple reason.. i have several h2s in early 70's that need a new home.. they were my brothers projects and now he can't complete them.. didn't know if i had to have so many posts before posting in the for sale section.

two motors have been ported and polished .. one for 90hp and the other for 110hp maybe 130hp..i can't remember.. still in the boxes with the new pistons etc ready to be put together.. have a 74 with title and key..all stock frame..still has tank and fenders on it.. motor was removed and is sitting on floor next to it.. was going to put in the one rated for 90hp...

other has h2 frame with a gxr neck ready for gxr forks and modified for gxr swingarm.. there is one stock motor that was seized from a flood, two motors ready to put together and 2 or 3 sets of cases...gaskets and carbs were there at one time.. just need to go thru boxes and find them..

had an h1 transmission to swap all gears for all one way for air shifter.. would have to find it in the parts..

anyhow looking for interest as i would like to sell all at once to mt house for sale..

any suggestions? located in nw illinois bikes and motors have been sitting in heated basement until this week ... are currently in garage..
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