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I'm just happy to be here

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Ok, so it seems I have finally found that elusive ZX-9R discussion board I have been looking for since I bought my bike last year. Awesome. Through extensive research and lots of confusion I have finally learned some things about carbeuration and jetting. I wish now that I had stuck a crowbar in my wallet and purchased either the Factory Pro or Ivan's jet kit instead of the Dynojet Stage 1. Great forum!

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Welcome to the forum. It is great to see it take off.
Glad you made it in from the cold and rain............ :D

So I take it that you're less than happy with the Dynojet kit? I got one and after looking at the jet sizes I just felt it was wrong so I was able to take it back. So far I've been fudging the stock needles and upping the mains using Kawasaki jets. It's pretty good but it's still a bit soft on the top end and I have a nasty little bog if I'm coming off the line lazy like in traffic. If I rev it up to 4K and slip it to hold it there or higher then all is good.

I wouldn't mind an Ivan's kit but his site says it's no good for my 4-2-1 Yosh system.......... :(
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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