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Indicator head scratcher!

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My 12 came with an intergrated rear light (I don't have the original). I fitted a spare pair of led ones on the back and left the normal aftermarket ones on the front. I fitted an led flasher unit and also the ballast resistors that came with the leds. Ignition on and they flash normally, engine running in neutral and they flash normally, engine running and in gear - indicators flash stupidly fast but pull the clutch in and they are fine! Any ideas where to start? I've been told clutch switch and also had earth the intergrated indicator wires suggested but I haven't tried either yet
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The bike model would help.
Sounds like an earthing problem, check the main loom earth Black/yellow wire behind the battery tray panel, and then move on to the clutch lever switch.
It's an '03 B2. Thanks for the advice, I'll take a look at your suggestions. It's had a high bar conversion at some point in it's past, I had problems with the front brake light and dodgy connections. Previous owner did say there was a problem with the indicators - which turned out to be a missing indicator relay! I might have dislodged the earth when I fitted one. Do you think there is any point chucking some old indicators with normal bulbs on to see if they work?
I would see what happens after you've checked the main loom earth and the clutch switch.
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