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Issues with starting 2017 ZX6R

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The issue I'm having is that when I go to start my bike up as soon as I press the starter switch there's a click that happens and everything shuts off. After a short period everything ends up turning back on but the same issue persists.

It does start when I do a push start and release the clutch though.

I tried jumping it to see if that would work, nothing it's the same issue.

I was pushing my bike to a nearby storage unit today and someone pulled over to ask me what's going on with the bike. They told me that the power commander could be shorted out and that could be the issue. I'm unsure though.

Unfortunately I don't have anytime to mess with it currently because I'm leaving for a course for the next couple of months. I'd really like some ideas and suggestions of things that I could check or do for when I get back so I could get my bike running.
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"It does start when I do a push start and release the clutch though"
Apart from a weak battery, I would be looking at the clutch lever switch interlock system, I don't know how the wiring is done on your bike but it may have a Diode hanging around somewhere, this may have dropped out or blown.
Alright, I'll have to look up some videos and whatnot to be able to check that out.
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