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Help! Remplacement for kawasaki kr 150 FD Cyclone

Hello. I'm new in this club, my name is Javier from Argentina (South America) and I have a Kawasaki KR150 F-D Cyclone (ZSR Race Replica) from the 1998 year. I need a "Blok Super Kips 1855 Silver" for my cycle. This blok is compatible with my cycle model?. I want to know if you could give me any site where I could buy the blok mentioned above. It is neccesary that the site makes international shippments.
I will be very pleasured for the info because I am like all of you, a fanatic of this cycle model.
I will be waiting for your answer and I send you a big welcome from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

See you!

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Hi Guys, i am new to this forum. i found it when i was googling looking for a kawak forum. i read here and there than i decided to join in. Hope you guys dont mind and accept me as a member and a family of kawasaki rider :)

Here is my bike, i bought it last year (november 2010). This is a 150cc 2stroke single cylinder engine and it produce about 31hp on stock factory spec (not bad for a 120kg bike). i've done some modification to the engine and the braking system. this is not as fast as your bike, but it gives a joy fun ride.

DSCF1045 by damnstockengine2011, on Flickr

photoshopped 2 by damnstockengine2011, on Flickr

cornering by damnstockengine2011, on Flickr

DSCF0736 by damnstockengine2011, on Flickr

Sentul i am ready1 by damnstockengine2011, on Flickr

5468458398_d16f1f328d_b by damnstockengine2011, on Flickr

Engine tuned (ported and polished, redesign head)
Mikuni VM28 Carb + Stock air filter and housing
Keihin PJ34 Carb with no filter (i use this setup on trackday)
DBS Stainless Steel Racing Exhaust
CLD Racing Clutch Springs
Motul 510 2T oil
Motul Hi-Tech 10w40 100% synth Engine Oil
Denso 1454 CDI Japan

Braking System - Footwork - Suspension
Bassano Grimeca Wheels (Made in Italy) 2,15 f - 3,5 r
Bridgestone Battlax 110/70 f - 130/70 r - and FDR tyre 100/70 f - 120/70 r
Honda Supra X converted Front Disc to Rear Disc On Grimeca Wheels
TK racing rear sprocket
HEL Performance Brakelines
Nissin Daytona Master Cylinder Brake
Light Weight Fork Brace
MOTUL 5.1 Brake Fluid

Accessories (misc)
Kitaco Rear Brake Lamp Sensor
RDR racingpeg/footstep
Domino Handgrip
Immortal Graphixx Tankpad
Clear Windshield
Acerbis Exhaust Bracket
Fender Iluminator

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hello all, a newcomer here. own a zx150 for nearly a year oredi, but just found and register in this forum. seems like aftermarket accessories for this bike doesn't come handy especially in s'wak area - anybody knows where to find at least performance exhaust like those AHM, R9 or even CMS?

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hello from singapore

hi, i just bought myself a ninja krr 150 for my race next season at pasir gudang, Johor, BRS and i am wondering what exhaust is good for close circuit racing .. DBS ( Dang Bang Sai ) is used by my racing team .. but i wanne know if there is any better exhaust out there then DBS ..

there is also r9 evolution racing by indonesia, DBS from thailand and AHM from malaysia .. which is better ?..

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Fun isn't the half of what I can describe about this bike. Hahaha. Sure, I'll do what I can and thanks for the welcome.

I went to the shop where I bought my bike and I asked around about increasing its torque and acceleration. I found out that you have to change the whole exhaust system due to the fact that the original exhaust system itself is full of crap limiting power output and cuttin the acceleration. Right now I can only get the bike to go at about 160 kmph. I've heard in and around town that it can go up to about 210kmph.

However, I don't know much about bikes so I can't really comment there. I still lost on names of parts.

As for what I do in KL, I'm a student. Taking degree in architecture at a local Uni. And I prefer bikes to cars due to low fuel consumption, maneuverability, and of course easy parking. Rains a drag here though. It rains every other day in KL but when its dry out and sunny, there's nothing like rippin it out on the highway.
Hi Zen I wonder if you could inquire in your country if any dealers sell a K AND N air filter
for the ZX 150 KRR I have a 2006 model not many around in the uk
thanks for any help
regards Stefan

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YOO Guys!!!

Hey everyone,

I just got myself a new Ninja zx 150, im just curious about the fuel consumption, i am only getting 110 km on a full tank. Is that supposed to happen on a new bike ? its my first bike so i dont know much about it :). But i love it !! ahah so please help me out :D thanks :D:D:D
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