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Kawasaki MotoGP Prototype Further Demonstrates Kawasaki's Sportbike Independence

by Dirck Edge

News and photos of Kawasaki's MotoGP prototype testing this week under the experienced guidance of WSB veteran Akira Yanagawa further evidence Kawasaki's independence from Suzuki in sportbike development. As Kawasaki confirmed in a press release last week, future sportbike models will be developed independently by Kawasaki -- despite an alliance with Suzuki on other models. Kawasaki would not develop its own MotoGP machine (with a different engine configuration -- an in-line four, while Suzuki will campaign a V-4) without intending to zealously guard its independent brand in the sportbike arena. Indeed, rumors of a ZX-10R have been growing and, perhaps, Kawasaki will release this sportbike next year in production form.

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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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