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Just bought a 2013 last Thursday, 15,500 miles. It came with a couple mods but is mostly stock, it has the rear seat delete, voodoo shorty exhaust, and a passenger tank grip. I don't know why they had a passenger grip and a passenger seat delete but the handle does come in handy moving the bike around. I am actually going to take off the short exhaust and replace it with the stock dual exhaust until I can save up enough money to purchase a performance exhaust I like better (Looking to get the Yoshimura TRC or R-77). The Voodoo short pipe is just too loud and right in my ear, if it was a long pipe I could handle it better but I have been wearing ear plugs when I ride and still have discomfort in my right ear every time I get off the bike. I put about 200 miles on it cruising this weekend I absolutely love this bike, if anyone has recommendations for upgrades I am always looking to make my motorcycles look better. I am also thinking about getting a crank and clutch case that has a clear viewing window saw it on a bike while I was teaching motorcycle safety and thought it looked pretty sweet.


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