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Sorry... I'm just being stoopid, like GO....:rotflmao:

This was my first 14... with the usual mods.
Fender elim by Muzzy
Lowering links, also Muzzy
Mini open pipe I fabricated.
EGTs on all cylinders to map the PC to perfection.
gearing changed.
airbox modification...
ZX-12R mirrors... direct fit, much less vibration as the stalks are shorter.

sold it... the red paint (and sound) made every cop in Tucson hunt me
when we were out on the road... never got a ticket....:mfclap:
The bitch was too fast to pull over....:clap:

Then I bought another... black....
Most of the same mods... except the pipes are there, but hollowed
out... not quite as loud as the full open. They work good, at idle and
low rpm, they are quiet... roll into it and they scream... more stealthy.
Might shoot them flat black...

Need to update the pic... lowered, fender elim added, heli risers (on both bikes)
ZX12 in the background is for backup.... but the 14 is the preferred ride.

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