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It's simple I just did mine, did'nt notice any difference.

1. Pull tank and airbox, remoce velocity stack mounting plate.

2. Look for the 2 hoses and the valve that connect to the top of the valve cover, there is a 3/8 hose that goes in to the velocity stack plate.

3. Remove the valve leave the two small hoses hooked to the valve cover and run a 2 inch peice of 3/8 hose between the elbows in the valve covers

4. Plug the air line fitting that goes to the velocity stack mounting plate.

5. Trace the vacume lines that go to the air valve(they end by the carbs on the head) and pug the vacume fittings.

6. Thats it your done, put your air box and tank back on.

Once agian I really didnt notcie any benifit from this but the Ivans jet kit recomends it so I did, if any thing it gets rid of alot of crap under the tank.
Its supposed to give you a little better response and get rid of popping in exhaust off throttle.
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