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Get your minds outta the gutter.....we're talking tires.

Anyone know what's the difference between the various Bridgestone BT010 190/50zr17 rear tires which are available? If you look on the Bridgestone web site, they have different "article" numbers for the BT010s. In some cases, they are applicable to the CBR929 or other such bike and then they have the "generic" BT010 tire with no referenced bikes. Are the different tires identifical in terms of carcass construction, etc.?

In some cases, there are minor differences with respect to tread depth (7/32 vs. 8/32), but I just dont get it.

I have emailed Bridgestone, but no reply to date.


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The following is an email exchange between myself and Bridgestone engineers......


I own a 2001 Kawaski ZX12R and have a couple questions for you....

1. Could you please explain the difference(s) in OEM specified tires and your replacement tires of the same model (BT010 for example) and size?

2. What is the difference between your Article No. 089389 (BT010F) and 105341 (BT011F) tires?

3. When someone orders a 12070ZR17 front tire, how should it be specified to the dealer to make sure they order the correct/desired tire? That is, does one order by your article number?

4. How can the end user verify that the correct tire was procured....i.e., what markings exist on the tire to show it to be what was ordered/desired? Is the article number or other refernce number on the tire?

4. What is the difference between your Article No. 089338 (190/50ZR17) and 103349 and 089532 tires, other than the tread depth differnce of 1/32-inch?
Are the carcasses the same? Are the compounds the same?

5. Do your forsee any problem in terms of utilizing at BT020 tire on a ZX12R riding for sport touring purposes?

The reason I ask the above questions is that I recently ordered and installed some BT010 tires for my ZX12. When the shop was mounting the tires, the gentlemen questioned where I had acquired the tires and explained
to me that all BT010 are not the same......there are different carcasses or other factors which could possibly cause the tire which I acquired to possibly wear significantly faster than other BT010 tires. Does this make sense? By the way, I installed a 190/50zr17 on the rear, not a 200 width tire.

Thanks for your time and effort in replying.

This is their reply......

Let's see if we can answer these questions:

1) OE tires are built and tested for specific bikes. They usually differ in construction, beads, compounds...
2) They differ in bead construction and ply cord material
3) Using the article number is helpful. The letter indicator is also stamped on the sidewall. Ex: G or J...
4) Refer to #3
4) The 338 is the standard replacement 190. The 349 is built for the GSXR1000 with a E on the sidewall. The 532 is built for the CBR929RR with a G indicator. The differences are mainly in bead construction.
5) Unless you are very hard on the throttle and very aggressive, the BT-020 should not be an issue.

Safe riding.
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I will be emailing the Bridgestone engineer again with a couple more questions....stay tuned.


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That's really interesting.....
I ran an 020 on the rear of my ZZR11, and it worked really well, though not as sticky as an 010. The wear rate was really good, I thought it was a good compromise.

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Sporttourer, if you are going to create a post with a provocative title like that, the least you could do is throw some gratuitous T&A in it, just so you arent accused of false advertising! <img src=http://www.ezboard.com/intl/aenglish/images/emoticons/ohwell.gif ALT=":\">

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Im always here to help fellas

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So I need to throw some T&A in the next time......just like the post from I forgot who which had a link to a "hot chic" when the old bag on deaths door was the suprise....yeah sure....he made me barf whatever I ate for lunch and gave me a mini stroke. At least I didnt do that to you guys. Just needed some replies to my question and knowing you guys, that was the easiest way to get the most views.


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J. Lopez?



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As last I left you guys, I said I had a couple more questions for the tire engineers. Here are the questions and their replies...

A couple more questions for you if you dont mind.....

1. Could you please elaborate as to the exact differences in bead construction between the 338, 349, and 532 190 tires.

Ans. I am unable to give any more details other than the fact we use several different types of bead construction. Each provides different stability and flex.

2. Which 180/55 or 190/50 or 200/50 BT010 tire would give the most mileage on a ZX12R?

Ans. I would only recommend using the 200/50 since it is the OE fitment.

3. Does a performance/ride/mileage difference between the differing BT010 190 tires truly exist which can be realized by fairly aggressive street rider? Could you elaborate on what the characteristics of each tire would be?

Anw. A talented rider with many miles of experience could tell the difference in performance between each tire. Differences would be flex, grip and even wear.

Well thats it. Not exactly the replies I was seeking, but its information. Do with it what you will.

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