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I went to the East Coast Timing Association 'Maxton mile' (standing start one mile) this weekend on my green ZX12R, also took my friend Rich Grove's red ZX12R, both 2000 models.

Saturday and Sunday the weather was great but HOT mid 90s both days, with a very slight tail wind if you could catch it at the right time on Saturday but it turned into crosswind or no wind eventually.

I figured I should start off easy and make a shakedown run and went 194mph on the first pass! Gotta take it easy the first pass out you know... LOL

Later that afternoon I managed a 199.1 mph pass on my bike while Rich concentrated on obtaining his license passes, ending the day with a best of 185 on his red ZX12R.

Sunday my first pass I had trouble grabbing 6th gear (airshifter problems... again), went thru around 183mph after trying for 6th three times and finally grabbing it with my foot and the clutch. That REALLY pissed me off so I went back and blasted a hard drag launch at about 8000rpm spinning 60' on the next pass, grabbed every gear crisp and smooth and went 202.59319 MPH!!

Ended up setting a new record for the class on motor (naturally aspirated of course) and getting in the 200+ mph club! I think I could have gone even faster had I not spun the tire so far in 1st (left a nice long blackmark on the concrete).

Anyway I was happy with that, so I chilled for a couple hours while Rich made some runs. We actually ended up trading bikes for a few runs and on my first attempt I went 192mph on Rich's red ZX12R (beating his best mph by 7mph on his own bike stock motor w/muzzys pipe and 6" arm bike). Then backed it up with a 191.9 on his bike again. He wasn't happy that I went faster on his bike. So after passing on some tips/techniques about body position for aero and launching to Rich, he finally managed a 189mph pass on his own bike and also went as fast as 196mph on mine. He was very pleased about picking up 4mph by using the techniques I showed him. I was hoping he would break 200 on mine, but he tried several times and couldn't manage it, but that's okay because my bike is very hard to launch being short stock wheelbase and having 25 extra ponies vs. his which makes about 170rwhp and has a 6" extended swingarm. Overall we were both very happy with the results!

Later on Sunday, even in the heat of the day, I backed up my 200+ mph pass, which was nice.

The Bear stacks really work well on the top end although we can't say exactly how much they are worth top speed yet because DynoJet was unable to return my defective PC3R in time for this event, so we had to run both bikes UN-TUNED (100% stock computer NO Powercommander). However I was using the Bear stacks on my 202.593 mph pass! and the bike felt great with them installed even without tuning! Installation pics on these can be found on our website.

ECTA closed the course early on Sunday (2pm) just as we finished swapping the stacks over to the red ZX12R so we were not able to do any comparison runs directly against the stock stacks. However we will be dynoing both bikes with/without the bear stacks vs stock stacks and with the PC3R (when it is returned to us) probably this week and of course we will make mapping changes and post the results. Next Maxton event we will also do before/after stack testing on Saturday instead of Sunday so we dont run out of time.

Thanks to Fast Lane Cycles, Lee's Performance, Bear Engineering and Internet Security Solutions for their support!



Gearing was 18 (stock front) and 44 (-2 rear) on my green 12R, which makes 195rwhp and the red 12R is a stock motor w/Muzzys pipe and advancer making ~170rwhp. I went 192MPH on the red 12R on my first pass, gearing on that bike was 18 (stock front) and 47 (+1 rear). Stock gearing (18/46) on the stock motor bike didn't have enough "Uummf" to get it across the line near the limiter. For reference both bikes run mid 9s 1/4 mile, the green bike traps 150~151 stock wheelbase with 16/44 gearing and the red usually traps 145~147 in the 1/4 using 17_47 gearing.



PS: I saw Steve Knecum there as well, and he BROKE HIS EXISTING RECORD AGAIN!! I saw his high 234 mph pass and believe me it was insanely fast! Standing mile!!!! 404rwhp turbo Hayabusa 18psi boost!! Congrats Steve! He holds the overall record in the standing mile!!

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