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Moly in Oil...

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Ok I am putting on my flame suit as I post this but I have been conducting a super secret test for the past two or so years or so and I figure no sense keeping it to myself any longer. I can't guarantee anything about it other than I never had to change the clutch or motor in either of my bikes and they both made at least what was expected power wise.

I ordered a small tub of powdered Moly a LONG time ago just out of curiousity when I first discovered how well it worked with firearms applications and then extended it to regular mountain bike applications and then one day got a weird idea and stuck about a spoon full in 5 quarts of oil and then poured in in my car at the time. Worked fine and no adverse effects. So fast forward to about two years ago and I decided to try a 1/4 spoonful in my old bike. Rode around cautiously at first expecting the clutch to self destruct or whatever and it never did... Then moved up to about 1/2 a teaspoon for the next oil change. Nothing happened... Not that oil change or the ones that followed for the next 10K miles.

So I get the 12 and I think well, it couldn't hurt. So I do the same thing (1/2 teaspoon) and here I am 13k miles later with the same clutch that was in the bike when I got it and I am assuming it's the stock one. The last two oil changes had a bottle of STP oil treatment added in (but not overfilled) for a dose of zinc with the Moly. Bike now has 24k on it and as far as I can tell, runs fine. Well other than the occasional liter bike show down (the bike and I are on a diet as we speak).

Point of all this... The talk of Moly being bad for clutches and whatever else in the bike is bull.

Thoughts are welcome and my flame suit is on... ;)
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Too tired to chime in, just don't be late tomorrow...we will have some fun w/the literboys! If you have a GPS and helmet cam, bring em.

Well, i have 41000 miles on the original clutch now, and never any problems.
I have always just used synthetic oil and no additives.
Moly Basics
this is an interesting link on mos2
My original clutch lasted just over 72k ;)
Moly Basics
this is an interesting link on mos2
That link and alot of info from that site was used in my decision...

And this is where I got the powder: http://www.rosemill.com/product.asp?productid=258465
I got the 1.5 micron Super Fine powder. While a little of it gets caught in the filter, I can't think of any motorcycle filter that is 1.5 micron efficient.
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