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164.7 HORSEPOWER @ 10200 RPM

92.1 FOOT POUNDS @ 7700 RPM

For comparison, they recently tested the mighty Hayabusa at 157 horsepower.

Bogus Dave Red '02

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Dave, plan on it soon. I will have done a few mods by then. Will give me an idea if they worked or not. I just did the crankcase mod and I am building the "workman slip on" tomorrow. Other than that, all stock.(17t front spocket). Details to follow on the slip on. Still can't get a pcIII for the "02 model. Talked to Dynojet today, they are still working on it.

My '02 has 1100 miles on it. I plan on putting it on a dyno pretty soon. Maybe when I got to Tampa next month, I can hook up with Dave and maybe put both bikes on the dyno at the same time!

1 - 2 of 20 Posts
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