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My brother in law got pinched

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Bernardsville man accused of trying to sell Uzi assault rifle to undercover officer | NJ.com

Well, my ex brother in law to be accurate. Anyways, I'm just wondering if anyone has any idea how much time he's looking at. Keep in mind that he already has a domestic violence charge against him and this is the very gun unfriendly gestapo like state of NJ.
Any time I look online for penalties, I'm forced to scroll thru pages of lawyer babble bullshit. Not one site I've been to yet has shown me any type of penalties.
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Realisticly at least 20+ depends on the specificity of the firearm laws in terms of weapon classification in his state and if they are going to bring a federal case as well.

For example what my state calls an assault weapon the ATF does not. The article doesnt give many details. If he was in posession of unregistered NFA type weapon and said capacity magazines are not legal in NJ along with the paperwork issue hes gone be gone along time.

Unlawful posession of a firearm is at minimum 10yrs IIRC so alot of it depends on the details.
yeah, I've heard 7-10 so far. Keep in mind that NJ has the most stringent gun laws aside from CA. I don't even know where he got the gun. BTW, those mags are NOT legal in Jersey.
It's quite possible that it's his brothers, but from what I remember, it was an H+K. Either way, he's probably going to get screwed since he can't afford a lawyer and he owes numerous people money. $75K to my sister alone for back child support.

Its speculation on my part but like I said it depends on what actually transpired. So the papers say it was an UZI probably not and their are plenty of HKs that arent "assault weapons" AR15s for example arnt necessarily classified as "assault weapons" in legal terms.

On a side not I love my ARs:crazyloco:
That's really, really rough. One bad decision and boom, several years of your life taken from you. I hope he can salvage the situation and straighten up and fly right.

Point is dont do dumb shit with firearms. Its bad enough all of the regulation we have on Class 3 and NFA stuff and most of the gun laws are simply designed to make possession a very big pain in the ass for gun owners. Since sure its not outright restriction that would violate the 2nd amendment but HOT DAM were gonna make it difficult for the citizens to exercise their constitutional rights :banghead::banghead::banghead:
and since when is a 9mm smg considered an assault rifle?
Thank you Assault weapons Ban..

I Blame Liberals personally.:clap:
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