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Good day i need some advice. I recently bought a kawa zzr1100 and i dtove the bike daily. The one evening returning home there was a sudden rain storm. After aboit 20 mins drive in poaring rain got to a dmall shopping centre and parked under roof waiting it out. Thr bike stated after that and thd next day again. I adjusted my idling screw a bit and it came out. I couldnt get it back in at that tims but the bike moved but after traveling for about 10km i geared down and suddenly the bikr just died. And has not started since a month ago. I have replaced the main fuse. Battery is fully charged i havr checked all the connections for water.. Seding my bike only has the rear fenders on its a naked bike. I checked the coils they are dry and test ok. I rellaced the earth wire from the body To battery. I have left the fuse box in sunlight and under a fan to dry out. I opend it and no currosion took place Nd i vlosed it Gin properly. If i turn on the kdy my neutral and oil livht comss on. I switch choke to full and try to start it. But it only makes a wisteling soung under the seat asif the starter replay is not kicking in. I have tried putting a wire from starter on top to battery + nothing happens. When i juml the solenoid nothing happens. I took out spark plugs and all of them aas wet from oil. And nr 2 and 1 was drenched in oil and nr 2 sparkplug well aswell. What can i do i have no clje and thd bike mechanics in town arnt very willing evdn to look at the bike nlt evsn with payme t. Any advice will be greatly apreciated. Thank you in advance
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