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My h2

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I saw a Like new Brocks a2 slip-on for the h2. Won the auction. You must use a pc5 and his map so you don`t burn up the can. So Eric installed both of them.I go on an hyway on ramp then roll into 1st gear so i don`t blow off the tire.Quick shift 2nd with more aggression with the front tire off the ground a few inch`s all the way thru then quick shift 3rd wot and the mother fucker tried to flip over and had to back out slightly for a smooth landing.Had to be at least 130 mph.Ya know I have ran a 8.9 on my Brocked out swb 14r but this sob is a whole new ball game.
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Copy and paste from the LAB ?
I hate typing.I love giving those pricks usable info.They are closet Kawasaki lovers..............
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