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need help locating motorcycle via VIN number

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im looking to see if anyone has this motorcycle or knows anything about it.

it is registered too me and I still have the title to it. I would like help possibly finding it via the VIN number


looking to see if anyone bought it as a parts bike with no title or anything like that. last time I saw it was august of 2010. ex wife said she sold it but she didnt she just gave someone the keys and they left with it. last known location is the fort worth, TX area. any help would be greatly appreciated. thx
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a vin search brings it back to me, ive called the dmv and dps and texas sure to see if they had any info on anything matching the vin. everything points it back to me so im reaching out to you guys too see if anyone can help me possibly find it. it was a green 2000 stretched lowered nitrious full muzzy.
ill put a pic up later when I get back to a comp.
looking for ppl who have bought a frame without a title or as a parts bike to check the VIN. also if people browse craigslist in thier area and come across anything to send me a link, not loojing for anyone to go above and beyond just if they see anything out there. also if there are any members in the DFW area to keep an eye out for it please. thx
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