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Is that out the door if so decent you might even say since 03 is not out maybe the best. But if you still have to add tax and license etc then you can easily knock it down to 9400,(from experience) and if you really work it I have seen 8995&9100+t&L but usually from small Kawasaki only dealers.
Good Luck


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that could be lethal to the dealership......
boxing with the state trade & tax dept
they have all the records from previous sales
no doubt they dont know everything
& no doubt there is some wiggle room
but you really dont want to piss them off....

didnt know if the price was good or not
really want a black one..... very rare around here
found the midnight blue........

maybe a 2003 will have to do

oh well..... more search & destroy

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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