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I just bought a 1996 ZX-9R. I'm a fairly new rider. I rode as a passenger for 2 years, then after my ex and I broke up, I bought my own bike, taught myself to ride and loved it. That was about a year ago, I'm a teacher, my students think it's awesome that I ride. I'm a girl btw. :king: My first bike was a GS500F, but I really wanted a Kawasaki. I saved my money and found one on Craigslist. It needed some love but I bought her and proceeded to work on her. She's a 1996, I painted her, washed the cobwebs off, flushed the radiator, changed the oil, installed custom led lights and a USB charger.

The problems I found so far are, the left shift lever is tricky, if I pull it all the way in to start, it won't, the sweet spot is barely touching it, then it will crank over. The ignition cylinder is also tricky, I have to put it in just the right spot to get everything to light up. The speedometer doesn't work, but the cord is kinda chewed up where the front cowl touches it and it is messed up right as it goes into the front wheel. The starter relay is bad, I can jump it with a screwdriver and it started a few times. The carbs ran rich. I'm not sure if the fuel pump is bad or if it's just the relay. I haven't had it running long enough to test the stator.

The reason for my post is I have a problem that i'm not sure what to do about.:headscratch: I was at O-Reilly's getting some shrink wrap and I was talking about my bike to the worker. This other customer overheard my convo and offered to look at the bike, said he worked for a shop. I told him I couldn't afford to have someone look at it, but he insisted on looking at it to troubleshoot it for me. I agreed and he came over. I told him multiple times I appreciated his help but I couldn't afford to pay him. I was in the middle of changing the oil and flushing the radiator, I had the tank off, airbox off, pulled the hoses on the radiator and was at the stage where I had to pull off the radiator and pipes when the guy arrived. He was looking at the bike and I had to leave to take my friend to work. He said he'd rather stay and keep working, so I let him stay. While I was gone, instead of troubleshooting the issue of why it didn't start, he finished my radiator flush and oil change. Keep in mind I was doing it myself and didn't ask him to do that. Then he kept working on the bike deep into the night, cleaning my carbs, which I also didn't ask him to do. I asked him to leave because I was ready to go to bed. He said he couldn't leave because he didn't have his key to his apartment and his roommate was already asleep. I told him he couldn't stay at my house, he insisted on staying in the garage working. I told him I babysit my brother's kids and it would look bad if he was there in the morning, he said he would leave by 5am. I gave up arguing and went to bed. at 7 am, I heard my bike start up. He had taken the fuel pump out and was putting fuel into the hoses, it would start and run briefly. He said my fuel pump was bad... I really wasn't sure. With the other electrical issues, I thought it could be my fuel pump relay. He finally left. :loco:

I called some of my fellow biker friends, got quotes on relays, shifter, speedometer cable and a fuel pump from the bike salvage here. I planned to go get them. The guy showed back up at my house and said he would get the parts and put them on for me. I told him I could do it, and I was getting a used fuel pump, he argued that I needed a new one. I told him I didn't have money for a new one, he said he could get a discount due to the fact that he works for a shop. Against my better judgment, I gave the guy money for the parts, and he took my old fuel pump and relays to make sure he got the right ones. That was two weeks ago. He keeps giving me excuses and won't bring the parts to me, or return the money. He came by here one day, without the parts. Basically he was telling me that he wanted to date me and he paid the difference for the parts because he liked me. I told him I wasn't interested in him like that and that I didn't ask him to pay the difference because I gave him enough to get the parts, because I was going to get them myself. Then his tone changed and he said I had to pay him for working on my bike with sex. I refused to do that as well. Then he was trying to get me to go shopping with him, that he would buy me clothes but that afterwards I had to have sex with him, and that I had to have sex with him whenever he wanted and I wasn't to be with anyone else. I told him I wasn't interested and that all I wanted was to get my old parts back and the money, or else the old and new parts.:banghead:

So my dilemma is I don't have the old parts to test which ones were bad, and I don't have money to buy new ones. and I still haven't been able to drive my bike since I bought it. Does anyone have any of the parts I need, either real cheap or free? :puzzled:
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