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I now own the rights to zx-12r.org, zx-10r.org, zx-9r.org, zx-7r.org and zx-11.org.

I have started Talk Forums on all these bikes hopefully making it a one stop shop for Kawasaki Enthusiasts.

To avoid any confrontations with other Talk Forums it would be nice to get the word around and make these the #1 sites for technical talk. This way I can easily post the information on their associated archive sites without any ill feelings. I understand if you want to post on other Talk Forums, but it will make it more politically difficult to get access to the information to make a technical site like www.zx-12r.org. I am also attempting to reduce the glitz and improve the organization.

Thanks and spread the word, but don't post this information on other Talk Forums or it will just make moderators angry and make it more difficult to get the data required to make an archive site. Be discrete and perhaps just point them at zx-12r.org for now.

Thanks again,


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