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New ZX-&R owner looking for some help

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Hello everyone

I bought a 1997 ZX-7R today it has 49,000 miles on it but i got it for 939 dollars today which i considered a steal since the engine is able to crank and we had it burp start once already.

Long story short it sat for a year, I have narrowed it down to the fuel pump being clogged, Rust in the tank and the knob in the gas tank probably needs replaced. Tonight i tore down the corroborators and I have worked on ninja 250s and ninja 500s. I had some trouble with this i am used to two corroborators. I got them off but in the process this dropped out and I have no idea what it was for. Thankfully it did not drop in the engine while i had the holes open.
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I have no idea what its for. As for the carbs the floats look good besides one carborator. Looks like it was rebuilt in the last 5 years.

Another question is does anyone know where to get some cheap Orings for the carborators? They expanded on me as i was cleaning. The floater Orings are looking dicy as well.

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Also any suggestions on removing the fuel pump would be great it looks complicated to move and navigate the fuel lines out successfully.

Last question I saw that this was just ducktaped and electrical taped together. I believe its for the smog part of the bike, is it alright if i just create my own? or is it easier just to eliminate it?

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Thanks for your time if u can help.
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