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New ZX12 owner

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Hey there!

I just bought an '02 ZX12R last week and have been trolling the forums looking for answers. This is my second bike after riding a '98 FZR600 for 4 years.

The bike has a full muzzy exhaust, PC3USB, chrome everywhere, and some other wacky crap I'm still trying to figure out.

I'm in need of a few things and don't know if you guys have a for sale section or not. I'm looking to straight up swap some of my chromed bits for OE stuff (chromed front calipers, chromed wheels, chromed upper-triple clamp) so if anyone's interested let me know and we'll work something out.

I've also got a Metzler M3 rear tire size 200/50/17 that I don't want (after reading these forums, I'd rather put the 190 on).

I'll also need a tip-over sensor as the PO decided it'd be a great idea to remove mine and soldered the wires together...
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I'd take pictures and post them up here... you can sale/trade faster
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