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It's been a while since I've been logged on, and feels good to be back!

I've just started looking for an 08-09 14. If I'm not wrong It's been slightly revised. I like the sound of ABS. First and foremost, idiotic London drivers, shite weather and lastly just curious, as I've never had the chance to own an ABS bike before.

My last bike was a modded C1h 636 and was cool but obviously lacked the comfort and blistering power of my 12 and I miss that!! lol sooooo I was toying with the idea for another 12 but I have hooked up some more cash and will be going with the 14?

Can anyone tell me what other revisions and were they any better than the 06-07?

I rode the 2012 14 and I loved it's silky smooth haul arse engine and hold on tight characteristic's!. Also I'm 17 stone and 6 foot and it's a beast of a bike and was suprisingly nimble.

Of course pictures to follow!

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