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not enough oil in clutch pack? *how to fix*

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thought this might be helpful for new guys getting into drag racing with the first gen 12R
the purpose of the following mod is to get oil from the trans shaft to the clutch pack. Muzzy has a kit that modifies a sleeve and the hub (hard to copy without maching equipment) or you can drill the hub and do the flat spot trick or drill the pusher(with EDM).
I had a Muzzy modified sleeve and hub in my bike when i got it. I copied the drill pattern in the hub where the clutch pack goes for dads hub, and did a flat spot to the pusher. its very hard to copy the machining by the sleeve/hub nut on the hub. hes running an MTC lock up so his pusher is different than the stock ones, so ill include a pic of how to modify a stock one too

dont grind too much off or you will have too much oil in the clutch robbing power, and it will lower the oil pressure. start with a small amount and work up untill you no longer have dry clutchs.
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