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Oh, you Bastards !!!

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I won't have my bike until next week, you already have me thinking of ordering a tail kit and a hugger. I emailed Spencer for a price on the AKRAPOVIC EXHAUST. I'm looking at PC3r's. Hmmm, the BMC looks like a quality filter. I wonder if I can wedge a turbo in under the cowl.WTF !!! I don't even have the bike, less than a quality helmet and riding gear ! How the hell am I going to put 2,000 miles on this bike to break it in for winter BOMBing in only 3 months ? How am I going to send my two girls to college ?

Just kidding. This site is full of great info and I wanted to say thanks !

Scott W.

2001 Dodge 3500 CTD making 450 RWHP on #2 alone. 2002 blue ZX-12R, stock, but not for long. I am my own warranty station. </p>
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Saint...Be ready to spend at least $2,000.00 on all the go fast mods!!!...Then Michelin PilotSport tires, Falicon Billet Basket if you want to DragRace, Turbo or Nitrous if you need, steel braided brake lines, tire hugger, undertail, polishing, The list goes on and on!!!


" I just live my life a 1/4 mile at a time "</p>
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