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Oh, you Bastards !!!

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I won't have my bike until next week, you already have me thinking of ordering a tail kit and a hugger. I emailed Spencer for a price on the AKRAPOVIC EXHAUST. I'm looking at PC3r's. Hmmm, the BMC looks like a quality filter. I wonder if I can wedge a turbo in under the cowl.WTF !!! I don't even have the bike, less than a quality helmet and riding gear ! How the hell am I going to put 2,000 miles on this bike to break it in for winter BOMBing in only 3 months ? How am I going to send my two girls to college ?

Just kidding. This site is full of great info and I wanted to say thanks !

Scott W.

2001 Dodge 3500 CTD making 450 RWHP on #2 alone. 2002 blue ZX-12R, stock, but not for long. I am my own warranty station. </p>
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Hey Scott, After I turned 20 years old, I always kept my bikes stock. Then I screwed up and started pinging this site. Now, I've spent way too much $ on mods. One thing though. YOU"LL FIND IT IS WORTH IT!!!!!!!!

Not just a barbarian, a great barbarian!</p>
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