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Old 12 vs New 12

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Anyone out there have experience in the saddle of both the 02 ZX12 and the older models? I'm curious of any impressions about the motor tweaks.

I'm a new 12 owner and recently started womping a bit on my bike. I love this giant motor. But I'd always heard how "peaky" the old 12 was. So, the first time I revved my 02 up to 10,500 I was expecting some kind of RUUUUSH at the higher rpms. It never came.

Don't get me wrong, the bike was pulling like a freight train and I looked down to see 140 on the speedo after about 5 seconds. But I found the power delivery to be very linear. The bike pulls from about 5000rpm and stays pretty consistent up to redline. Can't really run it through the gears as I'd be breaking the sound barrier by 5th. But I'm curious if this is the same type of delivery the old 12's have.

I've never ridden a pre-02 12 so I really don't have a clue. I've ridden Busa's and I have to say that my 02 is much more usable and smoother in its delivery. It's not peaky at all. Or maybe I'm just a pussy on the throttle. Not sure.

What are your impressions?

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ZXCecil, I have the same impression you do. I've got 1800 miles on it now so I dont think it is a breakin issue. My last bike was a ZX11 so from what I've been hearing about the 12, I was a little disappointed (I expected a radical difference in accelleration) but I still love the 12, even went to 17T

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