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Old 12 vs New 12

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Anyone out there have experience in the saddle of both the 02 ZX12 and the older models? I'm curious of any impressions about the motor tweaks.

I'm a new 12 owner and recently started womping a bit on my bike. I love this giant motor. But I'd always heard how "peaky" the old 12 was. So, the first time I revved my 02 up to 10,500 I was expecting some kind of RUUUUSH at the higher rpms. It never came.

Don't get me wrong, the bike was pulling like a freight train and I looked down to see 140 on the speedo after about 5 seconds. But I found the power delivery to be very linear. The bike pulls from about 5000rpm and stays pretty consistent up to redline. Can't really run it through the gears as I'd be breaking the sound barrier by 5th. But I'm curious if this is the same type of delivery the old 12's have.

I've never ridden a pre-02 12 so I really don't have a clue. I've ridden Busa's and I have to say that my 02 is much more usable and smoother in its delivery. It's not peaky at all. Or maybe I'm just a pussy on the throttle. Not sure.

What are your impressions?

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Tuesday night we're leaving the trusty Blue Goose ( mex food ) bike night meet. A group gathers behind me to go on a little late night " spirit ride " r-1's, 929's, gsxr 7's and a few 1's

etc... just as we are rolling out a BLUE '02 pulls inline and

gives a slight nod my way... by the time we get to the highway I can tell this guy has something to prove w. ole pinky ( RED ) we work our way through traffic and to a good ole straight away... to make a long story longer...

wen tried several roll ons from 4th,5th, 6th... everytime,

he would jump in frt for 1/2 a bike length, then I just seemed to pull past him like he was lettin' off... now , keep in mind we are both equal w/ 17th and slip ons... oh and all the others

they just played catch up all night... one guy even pulled up and asked " how fast were you going ? " like I have time to look over 150... LMOA , he said he was looking at 165 and

we were both walking away from the pack.. thats my short .02 worth...

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