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Operating temps

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I was out riding today and noticed that each time i sat at a stop light, the cooling fan continually was coming on.. It was only 80 degrees today. Is this normal? Will this bike melt in 110 degree's in May?

Would that fan from Muzzy help at all?? Or is this simply how this bike runs... HOT??


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Don't know if you tried Water Wetter yet.

I was going to hard wire a fan switch in also on my V-Max, in addition to trying some Water Wetter from Redline. They can run very hot in traffic. I added the Water Wetter and have never once felt the need for the fan switch since---the stuff is unreal. That was two years ago---don't know how it will work on the 12 personally though---*yet*. I'm a believer in this stuff now. I gave some to my buddy and he's a believer too. One of the best products I've used as far doing what it says it will do.


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