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Ping Mach111 - pilot jet mod cont'd...

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I stopped by my local shop today - they had two Mikuni 12.5 pilot jets in stock; a short one, and a long one. I bought both. Which one is best to use for this mod...??

And as far as getting to the vac line is concerned... I can get to the APS sensor and pull the line off of it no probs, but how in the hell do I get the line of the T-fitting end? I can barely get a set of needlenose pliers in there, nevermind my hand... I could probably just yank it off, but I've got no idea as to how I'd ever get it back on to the T... I'm going at it from the left side of the bike, as that is where the APS sensor we are talking about here is located, right?

Also, when you get a chance, could you email me at [email protected] - I've got a couple of questions for you about setting up my Tech box...


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yes the "t" is a bitch to get the hose off!.
either pry like hell or do what i did and you will have extra hose.as far as the 2 jets,i used the longer one,both will work, the size difference is nill and both do the same thing as far as resrticting the air..
but if ya have the shorter one use it.

This is why workman said to go buy a 5 inch hose.
Take your new 5 inch hose & on one side install the jet inside about an inch, than put your vac.line seperator or "t" in the same side.(that is why you must put the jet in an inch).plug off the "t" if you didnt use a seperator,and install the line with the side that the jet is in and your seperator /t is in on the vac.hose thats on the bike that came off the a.p.s.
than just put the other side to the a.p.s.
this is how i did mine.i too could not get that hose off the "t".
but ya will have alota extra hose.just tuck it up in there,and warm her up..gimme an email about the tech box and i will work with you on it.

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