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No, I haven't had the problem, but I have three friends who live around here who do. I think they have addressed the problem, as it is a sensor problem. I have had the Decompression Cam replaced twice for ticking, but Honda seems to think no riders are having this problem, and is ignoring it.....only 2/3 of the VTX have a ticking sound on the road......but whatever...

One thing for the fouling of the plugs, and this may not be it, is to check the Intake Duct Control Hose, Honda has admited that it is too long from the factory, and pinches off the hose. You can't really see the hose unless you are looking at it, but that was one of my buddies problems, and Honda has admited error with that one, of course, there was no announcement, and new recall, so who knows. Page 5-51 of the service manual if your friend has one, shows you where it is.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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