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Ping Old Time 12R.org Members

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Step into my office.

Where is Vozzie, Go200, MarkPMB, Lie2me, Kiwi, ynot, edge2edge, Outsider and all you other old school post whores.

Geez i miss the good old days on the .org Had to pop in and say hi. My first stop was the old ignore thread. Mike it really does my heart good to see you keeping it alive with ultra high quality photos! I think of you guys every time I pull the 10 onto the blacktop at work in the summer and plop down my old zx-12r.org kickstand coaster. Sucks i don't get on more often and hang out.
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$1 ?????

Surely you need to factor in depreciation before coming to a final figure :evil:
You saying I bid too high?
Undoubtedly...unless of course you were including delivery to your door too within said amount :)
[/QUOTE] BTW I forgot my Fuggin password under Epstein.... anyone help?[/QUOTE]

That's called old age son. Get used to it :nana:
Andy? You still alive son?
No. I'm writing this from 'the other side' :thumbup:

How's the house, you got it fixed back up after leaving the bath running? Say hi to that wonderful lady of yours :thumbup:
Took 6 months to make repairs ($70k from insurance company). But Debi got to redo most everything the way she wanted it done so she's happy.
Holy Sh^t..no wonder my premiums have gone up!

Pretty good, I reckon... Here's a pic before I lost a few pounds (my buddy is driving)... :king::king:
If you're face forward you got problems Mikey :lol:
1 - 6 of 296 Posts