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Ping Old Time 12R.org Members

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Step into my office.

Where is Vozzie, Go200, MarkPMB, Lie2me, Kiwi, ynot, edge2edge, Outsider and all you other old school post whores.

Geez i miss the good old days on the .org Had to pop in and say hi. My first stop was the old ignore thread. Mike it really does my heart good to see you keeping it alive with ultra high quality photos! I think of you guys every time I pull the 10 onto the blacktop at work in the summer and plop down my old zx-12r.org kickstand coaster. Sucks i don't get on more often and hang out.
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Good to hear from so many old timers! Has anyone heard from Bigsaint? Miklos? Nedrager? Edge? Wish we could get some of the old time threads going again...
So is there any truth to the rumor that the original mighty green 2000 ZX12r was the fastest 12r ever built? Hope you all are doing well!
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Good to see you posting here, Vinnie!!
Yes, Vinnie... The mighty unrestricted 2000 ZX12R in the outrageously attractive "Nuclear Snot" coloration IS, without doubt, the baddest sumbitch in the group of those bad sumbitchs!!
Time marches on tho, I suppose...

I feel as fast as I usta be - But in reality, I've slowed to ludicrous speed... I thought I was plaid...
I actually really liked the Nuclear Snot color! And if your riding the fastest bike on the road it should be green! I say that as I currently own a blue 14r :rolleyes: Of course I would have bought a green 14r if one was available, but the blue is OK too.

Good to hear from you, Buellbarian, Slider, Blitz, 'dragr, Duck, and the whole shootin' match! Would love to meet up with you all sometime. Thinking pretty hard about an early retirement in Montana...
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Petroboy! Wutz up!

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Still crankin' out the petroleum! At least until you can come up with a nukebike, or one that runs off of windmills! Traded the 05 Wing for an '18 a few years ago... not really impressed with the new version. Still have the 2012 14r, which is a blast in a straight line, but probably not as fun as the old 12r in the twisties! When you getting another Buell?
Been too long since anyone responded to this post, so I'll jump in. Hope all are well. I'm still riding a 2012 ZX14r, and a 2018 Goldwing. Almost purchased a 2018 VMAX, but it sold before I could commit. Thinking hard about a 2013 retirement, and will likely head north (Montana?) if I do. Take care all! Jeff / Blitz... if I work my way north, let's get together for a ride!
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Ha ha! I must have been drinking a few of those when I wrote 2013 retirement :) But I am pretty serious about 2023!

Looking forward to future rides. Time for a rally!!!!
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Howdy my brothers! Haven't been out here in some time, glad to see this old thread is still kicking.

I sold the Duc 999R and the XL650R so just have my original owner, 220MPH speedo 2000 12R in the stable. Only mod I have upcoming is I am having a custom 3D printed undertail/ECM storage piece done. Gonna send the fuel injectors down to FLA in a few months for cleaning and flow testing but other than that she is resting under her cover.

I keep thinking I am going to sell he some day but just can't bring myself to do it. Guess she'll be with me till I can't ride anymore. :)

Edit: Oh yeah, I remember that motorized bar stool. I rode that bitch like a rented mule that night IIRC. Or maybe I was drunk. Or both. LOL

That "motorized bar stool" was a damn death trap! :) I've hammered sportbikes, motocross bikes, etc, but I was timid on the bar stool! Was wishing for full gear.:oops:
So......anyone beat my mileage yet? I have given you 1.3 decades to catch up.

5.7 (42.2) Wet and windy. :)

That's a lot of miles! Not sure I've put more miles than that on all my bikes!
Ladies! I'm probably putting up the mighty '01 ZX-12R up for sale soon. I just don't ride it any more, maybe 50 miles/yr.
Saving all your riding miles for the Buell??
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