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Ping Old Time 12R.org Members

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Step into my office.

Where is Vozzie, Go200, MarkPMB, Lie2me, Kiwi, ynot, edge2edge, Outsider and all you other old school post whores.

Geez i miss the good old days on the .org Had to pop in and say hi. My first stop was the old ignore thread. Mike it really does my heart good to see you keeping it alive with ultra high quality photos! I think of you guys every time I pull the 10 onto the blacktop at work in the summer and plop down my old zx-12r.org kickstand coaster. Sucks i don't get on more often and hang out.
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Some good pic's and memories in here for sure.

I still have a video of me doing donuts on that motorized barstool. I tore that shit UP (lol). And half drunk too, the way a motorized barstool should be ridden.
Hey! Whatever happened to Jere?

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I haven't stayed in touch with him but looks like he's still building off-road vehicles and big trucks and such:

Bob! Wutz up! Hey, can you take bacK KevinYZ? He's pretty much a nuisance in NC.

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Supp' Mark!

The Elbert County Sheriff was able to reduce the deputy count and pursuit vehicle allocation by 3 since he moved down there so I'm not sure they want him back. :)

One of these day's I'm going to get down there to N.C. and visit you boys. Hell, I might even bring my one owner, original and unrestricted 2000 ZX-12R down there. Sending the fuel injectors off to FLA here in the next couple of weeks to get a Pro Flow service and then she's ready to tear up a little pavement come spring.
I remember that ride well Jeff. That was the day it was like 75F when we left camp and then turned drizzly and like 45F by the time we got to Devils Tower. Froze our asses off for a while there for sure.
I'll get Kevin out on bail next time. Not the most masculine man in the world. He texts Vozzie and me 300 times s day. BTW, I sold the Buell to a collector in the Netherlands. So I'm down to the faster '01 Silver 12R and the '02 Wang. Just ordered batteries for both. Haven't started them since October. Both batteries wouldn't hold a charge. Made me mad and hard.

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I bought a Lithium battery for my original unrestricted 2000 ZX-12R (you know, the only ZX-12R that has a 220MPH speedo and no speed limiter :) ) and that bad boy is super light and amazingly resilient. It wasn't cheap but so far I like it.
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Hehehee, I like this...
I remember the day I bought her Duck. I was at the Kaw dealer getting some stuff for my pristine '98 ZX-11 and happened to walk around the showroom.

Fast forward a bit and the ZX-11 was gone and I was driving the 12 home with a huge shit eating grin under my Shoei.

Women have come and gone. Life goes on. But my beloved 12 is still with me 20 years later. I'll part with it when hell freezes over.
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So is there any truth to the rumor that the original mighty green 2000 ZX12r was the fastest 12r ever built? Hope you all are doing well!
It is so true I replaced all my Persimmon Red body work with Catalyst Composites fiberglass bodywork painted in the mighty green. I gained 10 mph on the top end and a second in the 1/4 mile @ Bandimere with just that change. :)

Actually I bought the last leftover 2000 ZX-12R for sale in Denver in June of 2001 @ Grand Prix Motorsports and it happened to be red. But... a ZX-12R has to be green so I took care of that in a proper fashion years ago.
Howdy my brothers! Haven't been out here in some time, glad to see this old thread is still kicking.

I sold the Duc 999R and the XL650R so just have my original owner, 220MPH speedo 2000 12R in the stable. Only mod I have upcoming is I am having a custom 3D printed undertail/ECM storage piece done. Gonna send the fuel injectors down to FLA in a few months for cleaning and flow testing but other than that she is resting under her cover.

I keep thinking I am going to sell he some day but just can't bring myself to do it. Guess she'll be with me till I can't ride anymore. :)

Edit: Oh yeah, I remember that motorized bar stool. I rode that bitch like a rented mule that night IIRC. Or maybe I was drunk. Or both. LOL
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