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Ping Ynot...model pics

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Here are some pics of the stuff I use when I build models. I can't find the pickup...it is MIA <img src=http://www.ezboard.com/intl/aenglish/images/emoticons/mad.gif ALT=">:"> The first pic is of some of the stuff....I found a magnifying glass with aligator clips real cheap at an auto parts store...it works pretty good for detail work. I bought a set of knifes from Hobby Lobby that works pretty well with different blade types. It also shows a burnishing tool with some chrome plate that would work very well to chrome a swingarm or something with. There is also a stencil kit of flames that I will probably use on this firebird. Plastic putty is also very helpful in modling parts together like I did on this car.

Here are the seperate main pieces of the car before they will be put together. The frame was just a normal frame from the firebird that I cut the back off of. The tubbed rearend came from a drag car that I cut off and molded the two together with the plastic putty in the picture before. I don't remember what the engnie came from but I thought that it would look good (and fits well) for this one. The wheels and tires also came from drag car so I can use the same drivetrain. I scuffed them up a little so they have a driven look instead of that polished "mold look". I just freehanded the hole in the hood by guesstimating the size it needed and adjusted from there.

Here is just a quick side pic of it. I haven't gotten the front tires mounted up yet but it shouldn't sit much higher than it is right there. I think I am going to two-tone the body to kinda match the bike. The other pieces in the picture are a roll cage that I will put in it. I think I am going to put the chrome plate on the t-tops.

A top shot to show how well it fits together. I still have a ton of detail work to do before it is finished but I am in no hurry to get it done.

Sorry this is so long, kinda proud of the work I do on them. I will have to try to get some pics of the ones that my dad has built. He is very technical about how it looks when he is done.

Is that a Honda?</p>
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The frame is the actual frame from the (96) firebird with the back cut off and I used the back from an (STP I think) funny car. I just molded the two together with putty and contoured it. I am not sure what the motor is, I just went through my spare parts box until I found one that fit the engine compartment right.

Is that a Honda?</p>
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