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Please check out and evaluate the new Forum Software

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The forum below is just for viewing. I don't think I will be going with this one due to lack of ability to import EZboard files.

This new forum setup is just a test at this point. I may need to scrub the database. But just for fun, feel free to sign up and see what you think.

This next forum is most likely the one that I will go with, it doesn't have a calendar but from what I have found, it is more stable and easier to use, plus I may be able to import EZboard files.
Check down a few links for more instructions on this board.

Blitz: please sign up so I can make you a moderator, I would like to check out the functions for mods.



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Nice site but it won't let me post a reply. And yes... I did sign up.


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I must really be an old fart...as the new forum is WAAAAY

hard for me to read...just my 2 cents.

either im doing something wrong or something else is screwed...says i dont have an account..or my name isnt a registered member

Which Forum: the one with the Ikonboard in the link, or the one with the phpBB2 in the link?

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Top 100 Bike Sites</font></p>
21 - 24 of 24 Posts
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