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I have for sale my original wheels of my A2. I was keeping them to swap around with the gold ones it's shod with but I want to buy a new table saw and thicknesser so I have decided to sell these. They were coated in the summer and have never been used since.

As you can see from the pics the bright spark that painted them failed to clean them properly and there is a grease mark on the front wheel. To be honest it wouldn't bother me too much as it would be covered by the disc, but I didn't pay for the work and they gave me some of the paint used in the process if I wanted to matt them down and redo them.

Colour is semi gloss black (satin). I'll be putting these on ebay this weekend but thought to put them on here in case a member in the UK is after a set. Hard to price up as traders ask ridiculous money but thought that £130 for the two was reasonable. Can be posted UK mainland but will need to add that to the price. Kettle is always on so cash on collection is ok by me.

Cheers :thumbup:


1 - 3 of 3 Posts