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I have a sweet red/grey 1984 900 Ninja and would like to upgrade the bike's front brakes to something more effective. The OEM brakes have never made me happy and are simply incapable of hauling this bike to a quick stop from speed. In fact, I've been riding 84 900 Ninjas since the year they came out and the front brakes have always been a sore spot with me. They're just too damned weak.

So, I'd like to upgrade them to something like these "Performance Machine" brakes seen in the bottom two pictures at the link below:

1984 Ninja 900 - Resurrection of the Assassin!

But I don't know the specific brake kit displayed. Can anyone tell me which kit is displayed in the photos?

Also, I think the mounting system seen in the above photos is not stock, but I'm not certain of this. Does the 84 900 Ninja have a "radial" mounting system or a "conventional" mounting system? I'm actually not sure about the meaning of these two mounting system terms, either.

So, bottom line, I'd like to upgrade my Ninja's front brakes to something beefier and more effective, but cheaper than having to buy a new set of Brembos. The Performance Machine front brake kits look to cost around $350 to $400, which is very doable.

Any advice or tips here were be much appreciated!

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