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quality control problems on setup/delivery

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I'm starting to get pissed concerning some of the quality control issues I've had on the ZX12 (or more appropriately the dealer that set it up):

1) Bottom battery case cover screw missing and stripped, 1 loose.
2) Tank lower swivel bolt loose and ready to fall out.
3) Numerous rattles - most of which were from the tin cover on the gas tank.
4) Right front turn signal fell off this weekend while washing bike (it appears that the screw on the support bracket was never tightened and that it was just the rubber boot holding it in)
5) None of the Uni-link grease fittings had been touched.

Now I have pretty much decided that the dealer I bought it from and/or the setup person didn't give a crap, but has anybody else been experiencing this kind of b.s.?

I'm sort of a perfectionist and this is really starting to piss me off and make me wonder what else wasn't done right....

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I think most dealers are not going to live up to very high standards, I am sure there are exceptions, but my experience has shown me that the majority are terrible, specifically with details.
From dealer problems I have started doing more the work on my ZX-12R myself (with very good starting help from N102SR), I am not a mechanic but with a service manual and people on this board combined with a bit of common sense, nothing is that bad. The bonus is I get the satisfaction and confidence that the job is done right.

I would pick up a torque wrench, order a service manual and the money you save from taking it to a dealer spend it on tools.

Just my opinion, but I am picky as well and don't like things falling off (front fender, screws, bolts) and a few others such as :- no rear shock lube after 4 visits and 6000miles, scratched fairing, scratched/gouged Stock Ti Canister, gouged swing arm down to metal, broken Ti bolt in hole on Canister Flange, rear wheel alignment out BIG TIME! after 2 tires, misinformation about how the 12 works, denying Recall bulletins without checking them out, etc. etc.). They have done some good things such as a home call to fix a warped brake disc, which was incredible, but does not make up for permanent damage on the bike without paying for repairs.

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