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raced my own zx12r with my own H2

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On another 200 mile ride. Eric was riding the 12r .I told him to start in 1st gear.Shift with the quick shifter each time the light comes on at redline. Rolling start.I was in 2nd gear.He blasted off and I hit it .I was at 4000 rpms so he was pulling away but not for long.When I blew passed him still at wot at 160mph he said he thought the 12r`s engine stopped.....Thats funny shit right there.
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I turned 5000 miles on GOD the H2 yesterday


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So... rolling start, a stock 12R took the hit, and you didn't catch him till 160mph??? No wonder why you're scared to race mine, ROFL.
Your an idiot.I`m not scared to race that little toy of yours.I own the same slug as you moron.Can`t you even think straight.You are so clueless and behind times.
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