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<FONT FACE="Verdana,Arial" SIZE=2>Just looking to see what type of fuel you are using.

I am looking for Octane Numbers, and if any of you use any sort of additives.

Also, if you know if where you live uses Reformulated/Oxgenated fuels. These are mostly found in 91 and higher octane fuels. All octane numbers are based on "RON+MON divided by two (2)"


RON is Research Octane Number

MON is Motor Octane Number.

On average, RON and MON are 5 numbers higher or lower respectfully.

So if you have a 98 RON fuel, On average, it should be close enough to an 88 MON, and a 93 RON+MON / 2.

SO, PLEASE do the conversion if you local fuel is RON OR MON.

The more responses to this poll, the better. It will help me to help you all!!!

Also if you live at an altitude and wish to post actual altitude, this would be most helpful.

This is more for engines with stock compression, and what you would use if you were not using NOS - laughing out loud LOL!!HEHEHE

It doesn't matter what other mods that have been done, just as long as the compression is stock (12.2 to 1)


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I run what they've got at the pump (premium) here in Houston, which is typically 93. After reading Ricky's dragracing comments, I'm wondering about trying the midgrade (89) while it's still cool. Hell, I probably wouldn't notice the difference, so why risk it. I'll stick with 93.


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Here in Aus, they have THREE types of fuel, but it depends on which coast you are. They are all supposed to be by RON research methods (I'M only going by the hype.) We have unleaded (92 RON Octane,) Premium (94-95 RON Octane,) and Optimax, or Ultimate 98( 98 RON Octane, plus a higher calorific value!) The LRP (Lead Replacement Fuel,) is SUPPOSED to be 95 RON, but with my MODIFIED Mk II Escort, it doesn't cut it (110 Hp at the wheels.) I've PINGED, and all but done a head (I HATE SUPPOSED LRP FUELS!)

The earlier Kwaka's (ie gpz-900r) respond well to the STANDARD ULP (Unleaded Petrol, or 92 RON.) The NEWER Kwaka's (i.e. C1+ or A1+ 900 or 1200,) respond EXTREMELY WELL to Ultimate 98 or Optimax 98, depending on the state. Riders must NOT confuse octane with calorific value ( or BTU!) They are two different types of values.

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I have to look, but zx23rrr you can help me out on this considering we are in the same area.

I was.. using 94Octane from Chevron, however I will be going to 91Octane from now on considering my slightly enhanced timing. I may go to 94 Octane if I advance the timing more. I have the Muzzy timing map that works from 1 to 5 to 1 degrees advance.

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and watch the 12r come alive!!!!

All things being equal-

87 Octane - RON+MON/2 stuff - is more or mostly HC instead of Reformulated or Oxygenated SHITE.

It can vary anywhere from as little as 5% to a max of 50% in 91-94 Octane - RON+MON/2 stuff - fuels world wide. The "fuel" doesn't carry pound for pound as much BTU's as 87 does. This creates LESS power and LESS fuel mileage - remember all the complaints about shitty mileage. I have picked up 10% on fuel mileage. Throttle response is much improved :), and the bike starts much better-go figure.

Well one reason is 87 burns way faster than 91 or higher.

Notice I said burns, and not explodes. The 2000 Zx-12r requires 95 RON which is almost equivilant to 90 RON+MON/2. So all you need for a octane boost is 3-4 points to make it all work.

The exhaust is much cleaner and it takes the O2 sensor twice-three times as long to heat up.

I haven't had it on the dyno yet, broken hardward, but will get it on as soon as I get an chance.

My ass-o-meter says a couple to five with the front mis-behaven much more noticably than before with 94. On top I am hoping that the drop will be taken out of the curve at the top-I think it has-and remember what a dyno tells and what happens on the road are two completely different things.

I will not take responibility for anyone running 87 and hole'in a piston, but if you use a good octane boost with 87, the mileage increase, power increase and fun fact will more than off-set the cost and effort to mix fuel.

I actually save monies.

You will not know and or appreiate how much R&D, time and effort has gone into this and I will have had a hard time hitting the "Add Reply" button, because most people what everything given to them for free! Yet all I wished was a response of what you guys put in your tank.

You guy are painful. Oh well, I guess I could assume you all used 91 or higher.

I wish to thank those who did reply. Please DO NOT move this info over to the other forum, then only the ones who visit will know the truth. :)



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Thanks for the info Frank, we appreciate your efforts believe me! What type of boost are you using and does it come in bulk?!!!! <img src=http://www.ezboard.com/intl/aenglish/images/emoticons/wink.gif ALT=";)">

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The 87 works better with octane boost(Bardahl's knockout) on top-8000 and higher, but there is a little rattling with my map in the lower rpm's 2000-4500 rpm. So I adjusted for it, and last too much throttle respones, so I have gone back to 89 octane with the boost- this is the ticket. Now I will begin the long task of dialing in the map.

NOTE: 87 with octane boost may work well if you ride above 2000 feet. I live at sea level.


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