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Resurrection of Cherbm3...

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Fellow road warriors, I've decided to rebuild my 12(if the frame shop tells me things are ok and/or are adjustable). I need a [complete] replacement set of plastics. Does anyone know of any equivalent or better(quality)resource for fairing/cowlings/fenders,... besides the dealerships?? Thanks in advance for any info you guys can toss my way!!

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This won't be earthshaking...but www.ronayers.com for new stuff. I had pretty good luck picking things up off eBay when a buddy high-sided my 12R. It went down on the right side and we picked up f/r pegs and brackets, rear subframe, handlebar, rear fender, etc. Saved HIM a bundle. I just checked out there and a seller called 'jomoto' has several items out there. I bought a bunch of stuff from him and he came through.

If you buy from him keep in mind he's in Canada when you mail payment; don't think one first-class stamp will get your payment to him. Take the envelope to the post office and let them figure postage. Just a tip...


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